NGS Company considers that prevention (elimination) of any risks of injury or illness related to work executed by the company’s staff or its contractors has a fundamental importance for company’s success as a lead geophysical services supplier.

We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and contractors working in our offices and at workplaces having a reliable system of labor protection management supported by policies, procedures and standards which satisfy or exceed the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

If all applicable legislative requirements are satisfied or exceeded then our policy, procedures and standards reflect different requirements of the laws on health care, labor safety and the other ones under which the company operates.



Implementing this Policy on labor protection and safe work execution in the Company we strive to achieve the following purposes:

Health and safety issues have priority over other basic business purposes, directors and employees at all levels;

Provide support to the labor protection management system at all levels of business in order to ensure compliance with safety requirements;

Providing training and professional development for Company’s staff so that the Company’s directors, employees and contractors can adhere to the requirements of safe work strictly and assess any health risks. Knowing the standards and procedures of the labor protection management system and their performance will allow managing the risks to provide labor and  health safety;

Ensuring the Company’s directors, employees and contractors understand and comply with the law to assure that the Company and individuals meet all legal obligations

Actively support and participate in activities with organizations working to improve the safety standards in the field of geophysical work.


Key Strategies

We will succeed in achieving our goals on the basis of the following strategies common to the Company as a whole:

Working with clients and contractors to ensure compliance with the Company’s Policy, procedures and standards in the management of labor protection;

Use existing government and international standards as the basis for decision-making associated with security and the development of company standards;
Establishment and compliance with the standards and procedures required in all business practice to reduce practical risks related to impact of individuals or the Company on the risks within reasonable limits;

Joint work inside departments to ensure common standards and efficient communication of information about safety;

Promoting strategies, plans and procedures for labor protection management as an integral part of the Company Rules in business dealing;

Scheduled inspections of the basic elements of labor protection management directly related to our employees, customers and contractors;

Development of a culture of constant improvement of labor protection management;
Allowing any employee to suspend work at any time until the work continues without damage for the safety and health of any person;

Encourage reporting on all accidents, incidents and dangers supporting a “culture without fault” for those who inform about unplanned events;

Participation in labor protection management programs and compliance with all policies and procedures by all employees and contractors.